Ways to put your brand in the best light

Ways to put your brand in the best light

What is the point of having an outstanding product or service that nobody knows about it but you?

This is where a strong and well-planned promotional campaign can do wonders for your business. It is a way to connect your target market with what you have to offer.

Whether it is solving a problem that they have or adding value to their lives in some way, you can showcase the reasons why you are the best choice they could make by highlighting each of the benefits. 

Too many businesses take a great deal of time and money to do what they think is a powerful branding exercise. 

It can be everything from reworking or devising a new logo, a new slogan and adding a new website to the mix to facilitate more customers. The only problem is that all that work can be for nothing if no one can find that business.

Standing out from the crowd

Once you have a logo that is memorable and eye-catching with a slogan or by-line that sums up the personality and qualities of your brand, you need to promote it.

Australian made promotional products

The whole point of the promotional exercise is to show your point of difference. Too many businesses make the mistake of thinking that their customer service is better than everyone else. That should be a given that you look after your customers.

The real difference to help you stand out from the crowded marketplace is highlighting what you do differently. 

Do you open late? Have you got in-house experts who can take customers through the purchase journey and demonstrate the product or service? Do you visit the client in person to install or demonstrate how it all works?

The point of difference doesn’t necessarily need to be ground-breaking or spectacular; it just needs to be genuine and seen as a ‘nice touch’.

Remember that all your competitors are jamming the airwaves and taking up the oxygen with gimmicks such as the best prices, beating others by 5% or including add-ons that are often meaningless and a distraction from an inferior offering.

A true point of difference

Take the example of a business that wants to be known as one that looks after local customers and provides service backup that is not from overseas. That business can highlight that they only use promotional products in Australia. This illustrates that they are willing to pay more in order to help other Australian businesses succeed.

If it is a specifically Melbourne-based enterprise, then it might use its own Melbourne showbag to showcase its personality and character as a truly local business.

This sends a powerful message to the target market that your business is;

  • Proud to be local
  • Happy to show it wants to spread the joy
  • It doesn’t take itself too seriously
  • Willing to give something away without obligations
  • A business with a wide-ranging appeal

There are many ways to show the personality of your brand, but it is imperative that you do give customers a reason to remember you in a good light.

Your staff as a strong asset

One of the most overlooked assets in a business is the staff or employees. 

While you may offer great staff benefits and ongoing training, even working in different ways to reward your employees, are they given a way to show their pride in their work and pride to be working within your business?

This is where something as simple as looking after them outside of work hours or sponsoring a company club is highly prized.

An example might be that a number of employees have formed a basketball team. Instead of wearing generic basketball jerseys, you could sponsor them with custom basketball jerseys

These could all have the individual’s name emblazoned on it, with your business name or logo highlighted too.

There is something powerful about having active and positive marketing material on the show to the general public and would-be customers. 

Your staff get the advantages of having a free jersey, wearing something from a proud sponsor whom they are proud to promote and giving others a chance to see the branded material and even ask questions about your company.

Rallying around the business can also promote better teamwork and improve staff morale.

Being found online

There is something profoundly wrong when you have a great business and a strong and engaging website, but no one visits.

It is a little like renovating a shop and having all the signage, décor, layout and even decorative effects in place, but nobody knows that you exist. 

There is only so much ‘street traffic’ that you can rely on to do well or to even break even.

What does your website say about you? Is it easy to navigate, and is it easy for the Search Engines to find you?

This is where search marketing services come into the equation. 

It is crucial that your website can be found and is seen as a trusted site. Even small problems with the layout and content on your site can be a solid reason why the Search Engines are ignoring you (and sometimes punishing you with low rankings).

There is no quick fix when it comes to the best SEO marketing. This is a tricky balancing act where you need to appeal to the most critical customers and show Search Engines that you have a trusted site worth promoting.

Your brand in the best light

Before you embark on a completely new website or marketing campaign, make sure you ask yourself, ‘What am I doing?’ and ‘What your main goal is?’.

The answers to these questions will form the basis for how you can promote your brand in the best possible ways. 

Trying to appeal to everyone can be a serious and costly mistake. It is just not possible to be all things to all people. 

Working out exactly who your target market is and how you can reach them in the most effective way is a recipe for success. 

Having your best assets at their shiniest and most enthralling means, you have put your brand in the best light. 

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