Handy ways to make your home more appealing

Handy ways to make your home more appealing

There are different ways that you can add value to your home. 

Some of them are costly as far as time goes and others involve a significant expense. There are other changes that you can make that don’t involve spending a large sum of money or that take a great deal of time. 

The key to the success of adding value is to do the preliminary work and prepare a set schedule of when and how to do each step.

The thing to keep in mind is that you are not doing a full renovation and to avoid going too far with the changes and upgrades you make. 

Sometimes the effect of making changes sets an unrealistic idea of what is possible and the idea of changing a few key items becomes a long list and a long-term project.

This is why sticking to a set plan with a clear timeline to follow can be invaluable.

What is the least expensive way to make your home worth more?

There are several cheap ways that can make a huge difference to the appearance and function of your home. 

It doesn’t really matter how much you allow in your estimate of upgrade costs, it is more than likely that you will go over your budgeted amount.

Keep a list of what changes you want to make and then take a breath before you embark on a new idea. This can be extremely beneficial. It is easy to get caught up in the excitement of home improvements.

These include: 

  • Cleaning
  • Declutter
  • Small touch-ups
  • Replacing fixtures
  • Adding greenery
  • Limited repainting

The cost of repainting is usually more than you realise and the time involved is longer than you envisage because of some unexpected issues that may arise.

These can be anything from discovering the woodwork or plasterwork needs to be repaired or replaced.

The old rule of thumb is to expect the unexpected and adjust your budget for unseen costs. 

This doesn’t detract from the fact that you can make substantial changes which are low cost but highly effective.

A clean and fresh look 

One of the best and cheapest ways to add value to your home is to undertake a thorough clean of your home. Even the cleanest home can still be improved and enhanced with a meticulous make-over.

Giving the windows, doors and doorframes, all surfaces a deep clean will bring out the character of each feature and allow you to discover any maintenance issues that need to be addressed.

This is when you may find that something as basic as small repairs to scratched surfaces or window frames will bring a refreshed look to the whole room.

Something that suffers from everyday use such as wooden benchtops may need a bit of TLC. This can be a simple, light sanding and the application of a new timber oil turns that worn and tired wood into something that looks brand new.

Without the initial cleaning process, you might not be able to identify those issues.

It is hard to see things as clearly as you should when you are in that living space each and every day.

The great thing about completing a thorough clean of your home is that it won’t cost you much more than your own time and effort.

Inside tips on your home interiors

Once your cleaning efforts have been made, it’s time to do a little maintenance on your interiors.

A good approach is to enter each room and stop to look around. Taking that longer examination of the space will help you identify what does and doesn’t need work.

This is when you can see if the room is cluttered, badly arranged or has obvious problems that need addressing.

In that examination, make a note of the first things that catch your eye. 

If it is your kitchen, what do you notice first? Is it the fridge that is the most striking item or is it the corner by the window that has all the appliances crowded into it?

To help declutter the space, take all the items out and look at the bare room. Don’t be caught in the idea that you have always had things in the right position. Maybe the toaster, kettle or food processor can be stored in a different position and out of view.

Suddenly, the open spaces give you a feeling of a cleaner room because of the cleaner lines you have created. 

Going all out with your exteriors

When you have made the small changes to your interior such as replacing small fixtures like handles to cupboards or adding a touch of greenery in the form of pot plants, it’s time to tackle your exteriors.

Cleaning exterior doors and doing small painting touch-ups can bring a revived look to your home and its street appeal.

Doing more extensive gardening can help bring about a new look and allow you to see what other small improvements you can make to your outdoors.

If you have an outdoor entertainment area such as a pergola, decking or gazebo, it could be time to give the timber a new treatment to spruce it up.

It’s important to use the best decking oil if you are undertaking a reapplication to your woodwork. The trouble with a cheap version of oils and stains is that:

  1. They don’t last
  2. They won’t look good
  3. They could even do damage to the wood itself
  4. The appearance looks worse over time

Changing the colour of the stain is a clever and effective way to make more of the grain. If you have something special like grey timber decking, then using a clearer oil or stain will make the most of its character.

With addition of some of your own artistic touches like a home-made ceramic decoration, re-potting some plants or growing a more decorative variety can enhance your outdoor area.

Making more for less

With simple changes and additions to your home, you can bring out the features that make your place special.

From a fresh coat of interior furniture stain to repainting skirting boards and doorframes, you have ample opportunity to enhance your home without breaking your bank.

Your home is more than a place to relax, entertain and enjoy. It is also one of your most precious assets and it pays to give it your time and effort to keep it looking its best for the years to come. 

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