How having a deck adds style and value to your place

How having a deck adds style and value to your place

There is an increased importance of making the most of every living area of your home. 

With more people having spent longer at home than ever before, the last few years have illustrated just how much you can do with every inch of space.

This is why the addition of outdoor decking can make all the difference to the look and feel of your home. You can extend the living area of your home and give a throughline to the energy and feel of your place.

Many people underestimate the effects and the positives from the simple addition of quality decking.

The only real issue you will face is maintaining it which is why it is important to choose the best product for deck protection.

The ‘in thing’ about your outdoor area

There are many factors at play when you take the step of adding a deck to your home. The benefits include:

  • Enjoying the added entertainment area
  • Extending the look and feel of the home
  • Utilising more of the outdoor space
  • Adding another retreat 
  • Making more of nature 

The strongest advantages to a deck are having the chance to spend more time outdoors and relax in the open air when you want to. 

Being surrounded by the warmth and welcome of timber and its natural resource can bring an additional calm. Feeling a part of the natural world whilst being able to carry the same aesthetic of the inside of your home to the exterior is a powerful asset.

There are many styles that you can utilise with your outdoor entertainment area and a variety of timbers in your decking is just the start.

Keeping the style going

When you are maintaining the look of your timberwork and extending it through to the outdoor area, it’s important to keep in mind the maintenance of that precious resource.

With your decking and outdoor furniture table and chairs, you can keep that great look going for longer with the right oils. 

Oiling deck and frames is a fairly simple DIY task that can bring its own rewards.

You can even choose a variety of oils and stains that bring out special character within the timber and add another layer of beauty to your outdoor area.

There is also the possibility of using the same shade of wood stain or oil for your timber ceiling and through the framework and decking itself.

That continuity of look and making the most of Mother Nature can be a great asset for your home and increase its value when and if you come to the point of selling your property.

Using contrast to create a fabulous look

Having an interconnected style from your interior through to your exterior is a strong feature to have throughout your home.

There is no need to be caught in the idea of having to keep that throughline and there are ways to highlight special features by changing the look.

This is when you can make the most of your decking and some special Australian made furniture as an example and some distinctive artwork. 

The other idea which can bring out a strong aesthetic appeal can be juxtaposing timber features with industrial material.

With a warm and earthy tone of woodwork in your outdoor area and contrast this with quality architectural cladding or well-designed wire mesh.

With the beauty of different design styles, you can compose a stronger and more engaging look for your outdoor area and add extra charm and value to your home. 

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