Clever ideas of adding a touch of art and entertainment

Clever ideas of adding a touch of art and entertainment

Australia is a country known for its vibrant arts and entertainment scene, and there are many clever ways to bring a touch of this culture into your home or garden.

If you ever wanted to add a touch of artistic flair and entertainment to your home, garden or workplace, but don’t know where to start – we have the perfect solution – read on for 11 for clever and creative ideas to get you thinking of the best ways to turn your living space into a work of art with some added fun and entertainment.

From fence panels to jumping castles and Melbourne entertainment companies, these tips will help bring your house and garden alive – with the bonus of safety and security.

1. Weld Mesh Fence Panels: a great way to enhance the look and feel of any outdoor space is to install weld mesh fence panels.

Not only are they sturdy and secure; they also provide an eye-catching backdrop and greatly contribute towards privacy from nosy neighbours. You can find welded wire mesh fences in both metal, or with plastic coatings, so you have many options that will suit any house style.

2. Airtight Cabinets: for those who want something truly unique, an airtight cabinet is an excellent option. 

These cabinets offer a wide range of storage space for items like toys, tools or artwork; plus, they seal perfectly so nothing gets damaged from extreme heat or humidity levels.

Since these cabinets are made from durable material such as stainless steel; you can trust that everything inside will be safe from burglars too!

3. Art Storage Racks: if your home doesn’t have enough room for all your precious artwork then why not consider adding art storage racks? 

Not only do these give ample space for displaying pieces in their entirety, but they also keep each piece organised and free from scuffs or damage when you’re moving them around between rooms.

They are a brilliant idea for those who want to show off their work but have run out of wall space.

4. Melbourne Entertainment Company: if it’s fun you’re after then why not book up with a Melbourne based entertainment outfit? 

Whether it’s for live bands or a top DJ, you won’t be short on choice when deciding what kind of atmosphere you need at a household gathering or private event – especially when experienced professionals are handling production services like lighting equipment and photo booths.

5. DJ Melbourne: when you’re looking for party vibes, consider booking a quality DJ.

A top DJ offers different packages around music genres/themes preferred by customers – meaning plenty of music variety tailored specifically for any event. From retro hits, all the way through to current top 40s.

Options are open-ended here, so research around local talent availability before committing. There are some amazing DJs out there – and not just for weddings.

6. Audio Equipment Installation: need some extra sound systems installed indoors for that party but don’t know where to look?

Remember that temporary audio equipment installation projects need to be performed professional electricians who know their craft well.

It’s too easy to overload domestic circuits by using equipment which is too power hungry. Safety precautions mustn’t be compromised – because wiring incorrectly can cause short circuits. If done wrongly, you risk fire, electrocution, or worse.

7. Bubble Machines & Fog Machines: planning on making special occasions even more memorable in fun ways? Then try investing in bubble machines & fog machines that instantly transform the usual surroundings into outstanding-looking venues worth capturing on Insta and TikTok.

They’ll go down a storm with the younger crowd. You could even rent out the machines at discounted prices via websites across Australia for extra income when you’re not using them.

8. Jumping Castles & Inflatables: last, but not least of the options are those old favourites jumping castles and other inflatables. These engage family members and friends alike in loads of fun activities.

They’re also great for keeping fit and safer than outdoor playgrounds as you can keep an eye on the toddlers and their friends – while you’re enjoying the barbie.

9. Fashion Show: everyone loves a good fashion show – especially teens. You could set up a “catwalk” and get the youngsters (and maybe the oldies) to dress up and strut their stuff for votes and auction the clothes and accessories – then give the money collected to a local charity or cause.

10. Create an Outdoor-Themed Area: when planning a summer gathering, choosing the right decor can be just as important as the food and drink.

To create an outdoor-themed area, try incorporating natural elements like leaves, twigs and flowers that highlight your backyard or patio. You can also bring in things like furniture painted with shades of blues and greens to tie together the look and give guests an ample seating area to use.

11. Mood Lighting: lighting – whether indoors or outdoors – creates a relaxing or cosy atmosphere, sets a specific tone or ambience, and enhances the overall aesthetic of a space. Mood lighting can also highlight certain features of a room or garden to create a sense of style or even dramatic effect. Dimming lights can reduce glare and eyestrain.

Mood lighting can be expensive to install though, especially if it requires the installation of dimmer switches or specialised bulbs. It can also be difficult to control, and it may not be possible to achieve the desired lighting level in some areas. It’s also awkward sometimes to match the colour temperature of different lights.

Hopefully, this all gives you a variety of concepts to create an exciting and entertaining living space revamp.

By adding interesting art installations, unique furniture pieces and incorporating fixtures that lend to the design of the home, you have some insight into how you can combine different interior design elements. These can work together to create a unique atmosphere that is inviting and puts people into the mood.

With these ideas in place, you can truly make your home and garden a work of art and enjoy it yourself or with friends and family. 

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